Power of the Purse: two woman start local magazine

Many people dread going into work, but that’s not the case for Carolyn Raney and Maggie Armon, owners of VUE Magazine.

"I think it’s a dream of everybody to start a business and do exactly what you want to do and something that you believe in," says Armon.

About two years ago they decided to quit working for the man and be their own bosses.

"Awesome feeling of accomplishment," says Raney.

April 12 is Equal Pay Day. The date symbolizes how much longer the average woman working full time will have to work to earn the same amount that her male counterpart earned in the previous year.

If you account for race, equal pay day is later in the year for some women. For African American women, Equal Pay Day isn’t until Aug. 23. For Native American women, it’s Sept. 13. For Latina women, it’s Nov. 1.

Former Kentucky Gov. Martha Layne Collins says we can’t wait for our rights to be legislated. We have to do something now.

"We just have to train ourselves. We have to learn as much as we can. We have to share," Collins says.

That’s what hundreds of women did at Tuesday’s Power of the Purse luncheon in Paducah. Collins was the keynote speaker.

"I definitely think women should get together and network," Collins says.

"Women definitely have become more supportive of each other than from even 10 years ago," Raney says.

Raney’s has some advice for other woman wanting to start a business: "Keep rowing. Dig in there. Get in that boat and row that paddle until you get to where you’re going because, by golly, you’re a woman and you can do it."

It might be a man’s world, but not for long.

The latest statistics show women are paid about 79 cents on the dollar of what men are paid for the same job, but it varies by state.

To see the median earnings for men and women by state, click here

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