Calipari-signed basketball and family Bible survive house fire

Wednesday, Rick and Shirley Amyx’s home looked like a pile of ash. They lost appliances, family photos, furniture and clothes. You’d think nothing survived Tuesday’s fire. But, you’d be wrong.

A basketball signed by University of Kentucky Coach John Calipari reminds the couple of a better time in their family home when their son got them the ultimate gift. “He went to a UK game, and he stuck around after the game and had Calipari sign it and gave it to me for Christmas,” Rick said.

It wasn’t the only thing firefighters were able to salvage, but it’s close. “The rest of this is just stuff. It can be rebuilt or rebought. Some of it we didn’t need anyway,” Rick said.

If you look inside the shell of the home, it’s almost a complete loss for the Amyxes. Their china cabinet inside their living room looks virtually untouched.

The family Bible is also in good condition. “That’s just something that’s irreplaceable. It’s just a reminder, I think, when he brought me that Bible. It was a reminder that, you know what, ‘I’m in control,’" Shirley said, speaking about God. "He’s got this."

Shirley was in the kitchen cooking when she noticed the smell of smoke and a small fire. But, her priority at the time was saving the casseroles that she was preparing for her son.

The fire seemed random and unpreventable to the Amyxes. The family says they think, because it didn’t happen at night and everyone got out, they’re actually lucky.

“It’s just a reminder what’s really important: your family, your friends, and your faith,” Rick said.

The family has insurance. They’re staying with family until they can build a new home. They eventually plan to rebuild on the same piece of land.

They both say they’re thankful for family, friends, and their church for their support in this tough time. 

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