Neighbor finds victims’ bodies in double homicide

Two people are dead, and investigators are searching for answers.

The bodies of Gerald Boyes, 73, and Billie Potter, 67, were found Tuesday night inside their home on Reigel Lane in McCracken County.

The McCracken County Sheriff’s Department is calling it a double homicide, but they’re not releasing the cause of death at this time.

Neighbor, Mike Barnaby, tells WPSD the couple’s trash can was sitting out in the road for a few days: something he says isn’t normal for them. So, Barnaby brought it up the driveway. After that, he knocked on the door and peered through the couples’ window. Barnaby says he saw Potter laying on the floor and called 911. Soon after, he discovered Boyes’ body.

Sheriff Jon Hayden says he believes the two were killed inside their home, and there were no signs of forced entry.

County Coroner Dan Sims says they’re not releasing many details right now, because the crime is still very fresh.

"There’s a thousand stories to be told, and we have to narrow them all down into the right story," says Sims.

Barnaby says the couple moved to Kentucky from Illinois about a year ago.

"It’s hard to mow his lawn after he’s mowed mine all this time," says Barnaby.

Yellow tape still surrounds the home and, for Barnaby, it’s a reminder of what he saw inside.

"I’ll be glad when it comes down," says Barnaby.

Autopsies are scheduled for this week.

As of now, Hayden say they have a few leads but no one in custody. He says if the public were in danger, they would already have been notified. However, when it something like this happens, he says it’s a good idea to be on alert.

Hayden is telling the community to be on the lookout for anything suspicious. If you saw something earlier this week that didn’t seem right, call the McCracken County Sheriff’s Department at 270-444-4719 or the coroner’s office at 270-444-4732.

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