New dome creates new traffic, parking concerns

AQS QuiltWeek is coming to Paducah, and many of the things at the annual event will be different this year. With change comes some safety concerns.

The dome pavilion that holds many of the exhibits used to sit where a new hotel is being built. That’s right next to the convention center on Park Avenue. The dome now sits at the corner N. 6th Street and Campbell Street. 

Parking spots are empty and streets are quiet for now. Quilter Bobbe Green sews to relax before a week with a busy itinerary.

"I manage to survive the week," Green said.

Green and two friends from out of town are among the crowds headed to next week’s quilt show.

"I don’t know how we’re going to deal with it. We’ll just work it out one day at a time," Green said.

This year, crowds will notice the construction of the new hotel and see fewer parking spots and more traffic in the new area for the pavilion. Still, you will have options.

A shuttle will carry people from the convention center to the dome. People are also encouraged to park further away and walk.

"We’ve had a quilter walk out in front of a car because they were looking up at one of the old buildings," said Executive Show Director Bonnie Browning.

That’s why, with all the change, Browning says safety is a concern.

"We do need to have them think about parking before they get there," Browning said.

She asks drivers to avoid the immediate area surrounding the show. She says parking and walking or taking a shuttle will be you’re best bet.

Quilters like Green couldn’t be more ready to take on the challenges. "Were all anxious for next week," she said.

Police will have command station at the corner of 4th Street and Executive Boulevard, so they can direct traffic if needed. EMTs will be at the pavilion and convention center.

Any one looking for free parking can park at Carson Park and a shuttle will take them to the convention center and dome. The American Quilter’s Society has posted shuttle schedules and a list of all the parking lots around town along the trolley’s route.

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