2016 AQS QuiltWeek expected to break attendance record

As Paducah’s AQS QuiltWeek and its visitors roll into town, it’s a chance for people like Paul Signa to promote Paducah and his new business venture.

"We’re definitely loading up on inventory going into it," Signa said. 

He’s the owner of Doe’s Eat Place and the co-owner of Cuvee Candle Company. The candle store is new to Broadway Street and Signa said newer stores like his are a welcome change of pace.  

"Downtown is thriving, and I think it’s actually increased more in the last two or three years than the first six or seven I was here," he said.

Downtown Development Specialist Melinda Winchester is hoping for a sales boom. Nine new businesses have opened in downtown since last year’s AQS QuiltWeek, and Winchester said it’s an opportunity for you to spend more.

"We are a destination in so many ways, because we offer so much to people. And I think people experience it and try to come back time and time again," Winchester said.

The Kentucky Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet reported the 2014 AQS QuiltWeek had an economic impact of $25 million. More than 32,000 people took part, spending about $270 each day.

Winchester anticipates a crowd of more than 40,000 this year. "Filling up the storefronts, getting the buildings rehabilitated: That’s my goal, and I hope by next year we have even more," she said. 

It’s a thought not lost on Signa, who was selling candles on the street last year. "I’m glad we actually got a space to where we can actually have a storefront," Sign said. 

To view all of the scheduled events for this year’s AQS QuiltWeek, click here.

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