QuiltWeek begins with ‘Best of Show’ judging

QuiltWeek judges already know the Best of Show and soon, so will everyone else. On Sunday, judges put eyes on every quilt as part of the judging process known as the ‘Parade of Quilts.’ It’s an exciting day for those judges, but for the quilters, it can be nerve-racking.

Lys Axelson is not a part of QuiltWeek this year, but in order to get her quilt, ‘Miraculous Emergence’ hanging in the museum, t was judged. She says it’s a honor whenever her work is recognized. She says anytime she submits her work for judgement, like her quilt, she can get butterflies.

"I got an email and I fell off my chair when I read it and here it is I’m just really happy to be here," she said. 

Axelson says art is a matter of perspective, "If it happens its nice and if it’s not you go on because its someones opinion."

Judge Ricky Tims says he’s handed out that perspective for decades. He says, "The quilters are raising the bar every year and its no different this year."

800 quilts were originally submitted for judging, but an AQS jury whittles this final group to 406.

Tims says when he initially looks at a quilt, it needs to be striking and it needs to draw him in. But that’s not the only thing that makes a quilt a show-winner.

He says, "It’s a lot of things to look at that really combines to make the whole."

With the competition growing every year, sometimes what makes a best in show is a simple smile.

Axelson says, "Maybe I can add something good to the world and make somebody happy."

Best of Show winners will be announced Tuesday.

As a reminder, parking will be different for QuiltWeek this year. Click here, here, and here for information on parking.

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