Massac County in holding pattern on courthouse repairs

The Massac County Courthouse in Illinois has a new roof, but other repair projects are on hold.

Commissioners met for hours Tuesday discussing the county budget and how to factor in those county projects. But the old courthouse is keeping county leaders in a holding pattern.

The Massac County Clerk’s Office is one office that moved into a different building in March. Their phones work, faxes send, and files aren’t damaged. Massac County Deputy Clerk CaSandra Morehead says these are all improvements from the old courthouse. She says coming to work before, she worried for herself, coworkers, and customers

"We couldn’t decide day to day whether there was going to be water pouring into the courtroom," says Morehead.

While Morehead and other offices enjoy a new space, there are still others working inside the old courthouse. Massac County Commissioner Jayson Farmer says they’ve only moved out the offices that were in the most need. "We’re trying to address and assess the current things that need to be done immediately," he says.

The old county courthouse is still seeing water damage, and that’s why the county needs to wait for reports back to see if the issue is the roof or something else.

"We all would love to keep the courthouse and move forward, and we want that to be our goal," Farmer says.

But until the old courthouse is brought up to new standards, Morehead’s happy staying where she is.

Farmer says the county commission is weighing where to make cuts in the budget. Massac County Sheriff Ted Holder reacted to Commission Chairman Jeff Webber about potential cuts to his programs at Tuesday’s meeting, saying "Almost half $1 million and I’m supposed to take that out of paperclips and gasoline? Jeff you know that’s not possible."

The county hopes to pass a budget next Tuesday. The budget would then go into a period of review before it’s accepted.

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