With only one officer left, town searches for new police chief

Mound City, Illinois, is now searching for a police chief. This comes after the mayor asked the town’s current part-time police chief to resign after he turned down a full-time job offer.

The move is now leaving one part-time officer keeping an eye on the streets of Mound City.

Police Chief Terry Riddle works full time as the police chief in Mounds, Illinois. He says he’s worked part-time in Mound City, like some of his officers do, for years now. But when he turned down an offer to move to Mound City full time, Riddle says he was asked to step down.

Four of the five part-time officers turned in their resignation, too. Some saying they stand with the chief.

Now, Mound City Mayor Jim Warden admits he broke the rules by asking the chief to step down. He says he didn’t realize city ordinances would have prevented him from doing that without city counsel’s approval.

"If I would have knew then what I know now, I would not have violated any or rule that the city has," said Warden.

Warden says traditionally the town has only had a part-time chief and officers. He says they only typically pay out 50 hours of police work a week and it’s time to step that up.

"50 hours a week? I don’t think that’s enough," Warden said.

He says it’s time the city added more police and patrols to its streets to provide for its people.

Despite the mayor’s interest in moving a current police officer in Cairo to the chief position, city council unanimously approved plans to search for a new, full-time police chief for the town.

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