QuiltWeek generates millions in added revenue for surrounding region

As quilters and sewers descend on Paducah, other local cities and states are reaping the financial benefits.

"It impacts local economy big time," said Adam Siebert. He’s the co-owner of Super Museum in Metropolis.

Siebert said QuiltWeek causes a flurry of more fans to fly or stop by. "We get people, hundreds of people a day, crossing the river to come over here," he told Local 6.

It’s one of his biggest revenue generating events next to the Superman Celebration and the Encampment. The boost in business starts about a week and a half before QuiltWeek. "They get their hotel early, and then they just start exploring until the event starts," Siebert said.
The executive director of Paducah’s Convention and Visitors Bureau said QuiltWeek has an economic impact of $25 million. That stretches through all four of our Local 6 states.

"We prepare and work with it every week of the year, and so when it gets here, it becomes a lot of fun," said Mary Hammond. She said QuiltWeek spreads beyond Paducah. Visitors are staying in hotels 50 miles away. Some are booked as early as a year in advance.

"People save all year to come here. This is the bucket list for quilters," Hammond said. They are spending not only their time here, but also their money. That makes for some super sales for nearby businesses. "Each year it gets better and better," Siebert said. 

For a list of scheduled events at AQS QuiltWeek, click here

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