Carlisle County and Bardwell still waiting for disaster reimbursements

Like most farmers we talked to during Flood 2011, Kevin Hayden’s spring corn crop was not his best.

"It held us out of the fields from getting it planted," Hayden recalled.

Luckily, his crops rebounded, but Carlisle County is still waiting to be reimbursed from damages five years ago.  

"I know they are behind," said Carissa Viniard. She’s the county’s emergency management director. She said the federal government still owes the county about $50,000, including for repair work to a bridge that washed out during the heavy rain. "A year and a half ago, I was told several years at the earliest," Viniard said about when she expects to be reimbursed.

The city of Bardwell is also waiting to be reimbursed from the 2009 ice storm. Mayor Philip King said the federal government owes the city about $40,000.

"It’s a waiting game. The state’s waiting on the feds to send it to them so they can get it to us," Mayor King told Local 6.

King said the city estimated damages around $1,000,000. The city also took out a $125,000 loan, which King said the city is paying back when it has the money to. "The local bank is excellent to work with. They understand the situation, and we pay it as we can," he said. 

If Hayden was in the same boat, he said he believes waiting five or even seven years is too long. "I’d be a little upset," he said.

Viniard said she was told the state has six other disasters to review financially between the 2009 ice storm and the Flood of 2011.  So, it’s still not exactly clear when the county and city will receive the money.

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