Turning Mud Into Energy

PADUCAH, KY – Students in Mrs. Collins third grade class at Heath Elementary School learn all about energy while making a big mess. 

"We get to make it more fun by getting to play with the mud," Emily Schlei, third grader, said.  

"We got some dirt, added some water, made some mud, and we put it together and we found out there is some energy in the mud," Cindy Collins, educator, said.

Tiny microbes in the mud release electrons, which create a "living" battery.

"We were able to light up a LED light after two days it light up and we had 5 microwatts," Collins, says. 

Surprising many students.

"Mud it’s kind of plain and no one expects it to have power," Bryce McLeod, third grader, said. 

Hands-on science like this creates an unforgettable opportunity for

"It gives them an experience they can remember," Collins, says.  

And one that gets these students excited about learning.  

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