Six things to know – 4/25/16

Here are six things to know for today.

The Wisconsin teen who open fire outside of a high school prom is dead. Jakob Wagner was flown to a hospital, but pronounced dead three hours after the shooting. He was shot by police late Saturday night. The teens Wagner shot are expected to survive.

The zoo keeper mauled to death by a tiger was not following zoo policy. That’s the latest from leaders with the Palm Beach Zoo. They say their policy prohibits workers from entering tiger houses with an animal inside.

The structure at South Highland Country Club in Mayfield is too dangerous to inspect. Graves County Sheriff Dewayne Redmon says the fire marshal will determine a cause of the weekend fire after he’s allowed inside.

A team-up to take down Donald Trump. Ted Cruz and John Kasich say they will focus on different primaries to keep Trump from winning the nomination.

A big surprise from Churchill Downs. Track officials are holding a news conference in Louisville today about a new, exciting event coming to the home of the Kentucky Derby.

Don’t forget to spread the love. It’s World Penguin Day. So be sure to make your special someone feel loved. That’s because penguins mate for life.

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