Apps offer new ways to share event photos with family and friends

This spring and summer at weddings, graduations and other big events, everyone will seem to be taking photographs. Whether they use a smartphone or DSLR camera, there is a way to share every photo taken in a photo album everyone can use.

Facebook Moments is an app for iOS and Android devices that will share a large group of photos with Facebook friends who attended the same event. It works by grouping the photos you take and sending them to your Facebook friends. However, most Facebook users are not aware of the app or haven’t downloaded it.

Moments has other drawbacks: It only works in the app and not on a desktop or laptop computer. Moments is also currently smartphone only, so using the app on an iPad or other tablet means the photographs don’t appear just right. 

The best option for creating a shared photo album is Google Photos. Most people in attendance at events will already have a Google account, which automatically gives them the Google Photos option. Like Moments, users will need to download the Google Photos app to use it on a smartphone. But, Google also works well on computers.

To set up a shared photo album, one user will need to create one, then share the link with anyone else who wants to share their photos. The photo album can include an unlimited number of photos that are taken with DSLRs, smartphones and video cameras. Using a computer, the user will need to download the photos onto the computer, then upload them to Google Photos. They can then be added to the shared album. By sending the link to the album you’re inviting others to add to, download and delete photos. The album will stay active forever, or until the creator deletes it.

Google Photos also has other features that make it worth using. Photos uploaded will remain in the Google Cloud. In the event the photos are accidentally deleted from the computer or smartphone, they will be backed up in the cloud and available to download again. Google Photos also uses artificial intelligence to recognize faces in the photos. When the pictures are uploaded to the site, they are searchable simply by selecting the face of one person. The service will search through all of the uploaded photos and find just the ones of the person you’re looking for. Type in “dog” and Google Photos will find any photos that contain a dog.

Google Photos will also turn moments into a movie simply by entering the date of the event. Users can add music from their library to the movie. Google Photos is free and there is no limit to the number of pictures you can upload in high quality. There is a limitation on the amount of space should you want to upload photos in RAW format. 

Once installed on a computer, Google Photos will search hard drives and upload them to the cloud. Using the smartphone app, you have the ability to automatically upload any photo you take without having to take another step. And did we mention it is free?

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