Thefts in Graves County serve as reminder to lock your doors

A lot of people in Graves County are learning a tough lesson. Sheriff Dewayne Redmon says more than 30 burglaries have been reported in the last three weeks.

It’s happening in cars and garages. Six reports came in Tuesday morning. They were all unlocked.

Deputies are increasing patrols in that area, which is a 2 mile radius including Hayes School Road, Jeff Davis Road, Foster Lane, Highway 2205, and Trail Ridge Road in south Graves County.

Redmon says he thinks kids are responsible for the thefts.

Dan Bonk has retired a couple of different times. Three and a half years ago, he picked just the right spot in Graves County. “This is paradise. This is really nice. This is a quiet area. Lovely neighbors, you couldn’t ask for better neighbors. We’re all friends,” Bonk told me.

Tuesday morning, Bonk woke up to between $2,000 and $3,000 of property stolen from his garage. It’s a tough reality to face. “Even in Mayfield, this stuff happens,” Bonk added.

Redmon says it’s happening a lot in the area, but mostly to unlocked cars. “So far…They’re just looking for unlocked vehicles. So, you know, it’s very simple. Most cars have electronic locks. When you get out, lock your vehicle,” Redmon said.

In Bonk’s case, they left a lot of valuable stuff. In other cases, small things were taken like change from cars. “With what they’re taking, most likely that’s it’s kids,” Redmon believes.

Bonk agrees with the sheriff. He thinks it was probably a juvenile. Whoever stole from his shop had to get on a stool to get into a fairly eye level cabinet take a black powder rifle on a rack above his door frame.

Bonk purposely kept his shop unlocked. “Dusty and Ryan over there, if they want to work on their lawn mowers or something, this is sort of like the neighborhood fix-it shop,” he said. But it’s not anymore. 

Redmon is offering a $1,000 reward, if you have any information leading to an arrest. 

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