Bond reduction denied for man charged with killing wife, burning remains

A man charged with killing his wife and burning her remains will not wait for his trial in the comfort of his own home. 

On Thursday, a Saline County judge denied a request to reduce Brian Burns’ bond from $1 million cash down to $100,000 and house arrest monitoring.

Burns is charged with shooting his wife, Carla Burns, and then burning her body. She filed for divorce in 2014 and had three restraining orders against him.

Waiving his preliminary hearing, Burns watched anxiously as the Saline County state’s attorney argued against reducing his bond.

Illinois Special Agent Stacy Kinter testified that Burns told investigators about potentially taking a trip down to New Orleans or Mississippi. She added that Burns told her and investigators that he knew in St. John’s you couldn’t be extradited. She says he told her he would be down in the Cayman Islands now if he had actually killed his wife.

Judge Walden Morris ruled Burns’ bond would stay at the $1 million and gave his approval to take samples of Burns’ hair, clothes and blood for comparison to evidence found at the scene to be used in the trial.  A final pretrial hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m on June 24.

If nothing changes, Burns will be back inside a Saline County courtroom in July, facing a jury during the first days of his trial.

Burns’ attorney, Nick Brown, says he’s disappointed the judge denied a reduced bond. He says Burns is not a flight risk.

State’s Attorney Mike Henshaw says he feels the judge made the right decision. He says until the murder trial begins, they’ll have their hands full with preparations.

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