Outline of changes made by Gov. Matt Bevin’s vetoes

Six bills and parts of the state budget were vetoed by Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin on Wednesday.

The vetoes were made in the final hours on the last day he could make changes.

One of the bills vetoed in its entirety, Senate Bill 245, would have changed state driver’s licenses to be compliant with the Real ID act.

The new licenses would be brought up to federal requirements so that they can be used as identification to board domestic flights.

The federal government has given until October 1, 2020 for licenses to be brought up to compliance. 

Those who do not have new licenses after that date will have to use a U.S. passport, passport card, or other form of accepted identification to board a domestic flight.

Bevin had originally said he was for the bill, but in his veto message said that, “it has become increasingly clear that there is tremendous opposition and misunderstanding about the bill.”

Two bills connected to a new scholarship program were partially vetoed.

House Bill 303 and House Bill 626 both have vetoes related to the Work Ready scholarship program.

The scholarships would of been available to high school graduates seeking a two-year degree at any Kentucky college.

In his vetoes, Bevin stated that more time is needed to get the program ready which is why he vetoed the bill authorizing the program, House Bill 626, but kept funding for it in House Bill 303.

The veto in House Bill 303 delays the start of the program to fiscal year 2017-2018.

Other bills with partial vetoes:

House Bill 10: 
– The bill provided money to deal with emergency maintenance at state parks. That funding has been delayed for 6 months.
– Another veto in the bill shifts $40 million from need-based financial aid programs to pay for dual-credit and Work Ready scholarships. Bevin says the scholarships are appropriate use of lottery funds and, "Sufficient funds are available to support the needs of these educational initiatives."

House Bill 129:
– This bill deals with state road construction and the line vetoes deal mostly with how the plans are reported.

House Bill 150:
– This bill deals with the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund and was drafted to encourage employers to increase the number of employees hired during its first year of operation. Bevin said he vetoed the bill because it would, "impose substantial burdens on the manner and ability of a state agency to conduct business."

House Bill 304:
– This bill deals with the operating budget for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. Many lines in the bill were vetoed.

Kentucky lawmakers are unable to override the vetoes because they waited until April 15 to approve a budget.

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