Mayfield woman accused of chasing vehicle with family inside

A Mayfield woman was arrested after she allegedly chased a vehicle with a family inside at high speeds.

The Graves County Sheriff’s Office says around 3:50 a.m. a man called saying he was taking his wife and child home when a vehicle came up along side his vehicle and the driver inside began making hand gestures that look like she was pointing a gun at him.

The caller said he got onto the Purchase Parkway and that the other vehicle followed. He said the other vehicle would get within inches of his back bumper and at times pull along side his vehicle and swerve towards him, causing him to have to leave the road.

The two then got off at Highway 45 and began traveling south.

A deputy then saw the two traveling at a high rate of speed and stopped the pursuing vehicle.

The deputy said the driver, Mena Powell of Mayfield, appeared to be under the influence of drugs. She also had a small child in the back seat with no seat belt or child safety seat.

After administering a field sobriety test, Powell was arrested. 

She was charged with four counts of wanton endangerment in the first degree, reckless driving, no operator’s license, failure to wear seat belt, and failure to use child restraint device.

Powell was taken to the Graves County Jail where she remains pending bond.

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