Alternative therapies to healthier living – Reiki

Freedom from medication, living a pain-free life and feeling more at peace, maybe even stress free.  All that does not have to be impossible.

Our Mychaela Bruner found a reiki practitioner and talked with her and her patients. They say they are trading the old ways of handling their health for this new alternative therapy.

Catherine Moore practices reiki on Heather Tabor.

"If I lay my hands on someone, I either have a feeling about it, or it feels cold or a different sensation, a lot of times I can feel tumors, or if they’ve had broken bones, or illness," said Moore.

Tabor has Fibromylagia and deals with pain everyday.

"My right foot, my left hip, lower back, my neck, it moves around," said Tabor.

This is Tabor’s third reiki session this week.

"I would rather do anything I can that’s all natural and safe, there are so many side effects to medicine. I can tell a big difference in being able to get up and move, where before I just really struggle, it has helped, I can tell a big difference, there’s hope," said Tabor.

Moore said anyone can benefit from this.

"I’ve had people tell me they felt like they were elevated off the table, so light and calm, it’s nurturing if nothing else, it reduces stress a lot," said Moore.

Deep relaxation and an overall feeling of well-being.

Every Wednesday this month, Mychaela Bruner will have a new report on alternative therapies to healthier living.

For more information about reiki, you can contact Catherine Moore. Her email is You can give her a call at (270) 331-1385 or (270) 534-5636.

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