Students reenact deadly texting, driving accident

Summer break is almost here, and that means your teen will be on the road more.

The National Safety Council says one of every four crashes is caused by texting and driving.

At McCracken County High School on Wednesday, the scene looked like something out of the movies: two cars in a head-on collision, four teens injured and one dead. It was all because someone was texting and driving. There was blood everywhere but, luckily, it was just makeup. For Brooke Salsman, it was a wake up call.

"It’s always different when you put yourself in the actual situation," says Salsman.

Salsman is a senior at McCracken County High School, where the accident was staged. With help from local first responders, the situation felt very real.

For Andrea Heisner, a teacher at the high school, it’s a lesson that can’t be taught from a book.

"Putting them in the scenario of a wreck scene, it makes it real to them," says Heisner. "I don’t think a lot of students realize how serious texting and driving can be."

Senior Adam Nettles was in the crows watching from a distance with other students.

"Seeing in person what your actions can do to another person is kind of shocking," says Nettles.

"You’re driving a bullet and, if you’re not paying attention, you can cause some serious damage," says Salsman.

Salsman says she’s going to think twice next time she feels the urge to text and drive.

The two mangled cars will be in the high school’s parking lot through Friday as a reminder to students to put their phones down.

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