Bison could soon be official U.S. mammal

If you live in Western Kentucky, you may soon live near a national treasure. The bison is just one signature away from becoming the official mammal of the United States. Whether you know it as the American Bison or American Buffalo, the massive animal is an important one right here at home.

Steve and Bronwen Davis traveled to the Land Between the Lakes from Australia and today they got a chance to see something truly American. “They are huge and even bigger up close,” Bronwen told Local 6 about seeing bison for the first time.

The elk and bison prairie at LBL allows visitors to see the mammal up and close and understand it’s history. It’s the heaviest land animal in North American and almost became extinct.

In our Local 6 area, there’s a couple of way to honor what could be the nation’s mammal. For Linda Cope, it’s putting it on the dinner table.

Cope’s Bison farm in Marshall County shows how the animals can be more than just a site to see. For her, it’s a family business. Her husband, Marcus, started the farm purely for his love of the animal. “People would call and say where can we buy meat? There wasn’t any available,” Cope said.

Unfortunately, her husband passed away last year. Cope says her two sons help carry on her husband’s herd. She says bison is such a high demand in the area; it’s hard to keep up production. “You eat a bison burger today or a steak today and you say that’s the best steak I’ve had. Then you tell your friend and your friend wants some.”

Pending President Obama’s signature, the bison could be one step closer to becoming a true American symbol. The measure already passed the House of Representatives and Senate. 

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