Hope Unlimited Baby Bottle fundraiser begins

Hope Unlimited Family Care Center in Paducah, Kentucky, and Metropolis, Illinois, says it has kicked off its annual Baby Bottle Fundraiser. 

In the fundraiser, which started on Mother’s Day, businesses, organizations, churches, and individuals fill baby bottles with spare change, dollars and checks. After Father’s Day, June 19, Hope Unlimited says it will empty the returned bottles to help parents with their families’ needs. 

Hope Unlimited released the following information about what those parents need: 

"Physical Needs

  • Free Pregnancy & Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Tests
    Free Medical Care for Pregnant Moms, including Ultrasounds
  • Free Learn to Earn Program teaching good parenting and healthy relationships, awarding points for baby and family essentials
  • Free Job Integrity Training Course
  • Low Cost Hope’s Closet Thrift Store for the community – helping the COMMUNITY outfit the family for much less

Emotional Needs

  • Free Peer Mentoring for Pregnancy Decisions
  • Free Peer Mentoring for Parent Support & Conflict Resolution 
  • Free Peer Mentoring for Post-Abortion, Porn Addiction & Sexual Abuse Healing
  • Free School, College, and Community Programs promoting Sexual Integrity & Healthy Relationships

Spiritual Needs

  • Free Bibles
  • Free Bible Studies, as part of the Learn to Earn Program
  • Free Church Recommendations & Encouragement to Attend Worship, as part of Learn to Earn Program
  • Daily Prayer for Clients, Families, Ministries"

Hope Unlimited says anyone with at least one child under 18 can go to them for free and confidential support.

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