3rd-grader shares tornado experience

Hundreds of students at Graves County Central Elementary School were ready to go home after a long day on Tuesday, but little did they know their day would grow even longer. A tornado was heading in their direction.

Third-grader Cole Clark treated it just like any other tornado drill, but this time it was real.

"We were walking outside to get on the bus," says Cole. "We just heard ‘Get down, get down. Cover your head. Get down.’"

Principal Stephanie Sullivan says the tornado appeared with no warning.

"I went outside, and we looked, and it wasn’t raining," says Sullivan. "I didn’t see any lightning, but you just kept hearing that rumbling thunder."

Then her phone went off alerting her about a tornado.

As Cole and his classmates took shelter in the school, Sullivan went outside to look at the sky.

"You could just see a dark wind kind of going by," says Sullivan.

Cole says it felt like they were in the hallway for hours.

"I can’t imagine being in a situation like that again," says Cole.

The tornado veered north, missing the school completely and sparing hundreds of lives.

Cole says the practice drills at school are what prepared him for an actual tornado.

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