Alternative therapies to healthier living – Essential Oils

When medication, exercise, chiropractic care, and diet changes are not enough to help you manage your daily ailments, what should you do?

Some people are turning to treatments like meditation, essential oils, and even spiritual healing.

Do these alternative treatments really help? Our Mychaela Bruner set out to answer that question.

Two and a half year old Carter is a typical toddler. He is curious about everything, especially smells.

The Hamby family uses essential oils every day.

"Essential oils have been a blessing in our life," said Mariah Hamby. "Obviously being in the medical field, I prescribe medicine daily. I do believe in it, but essential oils give a happy medium. Now we don’t always have to go to the doctor for every problem. It’s a  good holistic approach to use."

Mariah discovered the benefits of oils when Carter was just a baby.

"What really attracted me to them was having a child that was almost one, and when he had his first sickness, the medication had so many different medicines, it killed me to put all this into his body, if I could find an alternative I wanted to," said Mariah. "There are times that you do need to go to the doctor. You do need medicine of course, I would never eliminate that from our family’s life, but this is an alternative and it has decreased the amount that we’ve had to use chemical or synthetic type medications or drugs."

Mariah says she will be using oils for many more years to come.

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