Ask A Candidate: Mike Pape running for Congress

Kentucky voters have just a few days to make up their minds on who they want to represent them in Washington. Four Republican candidates and one Democratic candidate are asking for your vote.

I kick off our Ask A Candidate series by sitting down with former district director for Rep. Ed Whitfield, Mike Pape, who is running for Whitfield’s seat. 

Pape says ever since he opened up a letter from President Ronald Reagan at 17 years old that highlighted the importance of helping others, he’s had a desire for public service.

After 21 years of running Whitfield’s district office, he hopes to take his seat. Pape calls it putting on another hat: “Seeing the same people, and knowing the community, and visiting them just like I’ve always done.”

He says he’s different from fellow Republican candidate James Comer, calling him a career politician. “He’s been on the ballot constantly ever since he was 27 years old, going from one office to the next office. Mike Pape has never run for public office before,” Pape says.

He says his total agenda is themed around one word: security. “Congress has to start passing an actual budget every year. We have to get the active duty force of our army built back up to over 500,000 men and women. We have to secure that southern border," Blake. 

Pape says he is proud to have his boss over the past two decades endorse him.

His controversial ad, which has been called racist, showing three men cutting a fence, discussing plans to stop “Senor Trump and Senor Pape” is getting national attention. The ad sounds a lot like the words of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, who Pape supports for president. “I think that ad was a lighthearted approach, talking about a serious issue and to get people’s attention,” Pape added.

On Paducah, Pape says he’d like to see a 10-year contract for the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion site cleanup project, so the workers don’t have to worry about a paycheck. 

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