Floor signing celebrated for St. Jude Dream Home

A floor signing party has become a tradition with the St. Jude Dream Home.

Some of the many contractors and other folks who give so much of their time and talents to build this home leave their messages of hope and love, directed at both St. Jude and the children of St. Jude.

Children like Gideon Purchase. He’s from Elizabethton in East Tennessee, and Gideon is one of the happiest little fellas you’ll ever meet. His dad is a park ranger, his mom is a teacher. And they say their family donated to St. Jude for decades, long before Gideon came along and needed help from St. Jude.

They realize there are so many great charities and causes out there that need your money.       

"You always wonder about those places that you hear that maybe aren’t using the money the right way? Or maybe they’re not gonna get as much of your money as you’d like them to get? St. Jude is not that way at all," Gideon’s father, Gary Purchase, said. "It has meant the world of difference to my son and his health. And to us and just being able to live with this terrible disease going on." 

We’ll have much more from Gideon and his parents in the weeks ahead as we build up to the big giveaway show on July 31st!  That’s when someone will win this home. 

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