Murray State University tuition expected to increase

Another semester is in the books at Murray State University. Mary Moore finished her last final on Wednesday. Now she can officially call herself a college sophomore.

"I love this campus and everything," says Moore. "I’m very passionate about Murray State."

She’s so passionate that she borrowed $10,000 to pay for classes freshman year. Come fall, she’ll have to borrow even more.

In a special meeting on Friday, the Board of Regents passed a new strategic tuition and scholarship model.

For current, full-time students, there’s a 4.5 percent increase for in-state tuition: that’s $336 per credit.

For incoming students who plan to go full time, there’s a 10.4 percent increase on in-state tuition. That’s $4,200 a semester for a full load of classes, which is 12-15 credits.

Incoming full-time students also have the option to apply for a new scholarship that could help cover the cost. For example, if you graduate high school with a 3.7 GPA and get a 1440 on your SAT, the scholarship pays 100 percent of your tuition. If the costs goes up, you’re still covered for up to four years.

MSU President Bob Davies says he’s hoping this will attract students who are ready for college.

"It awards students for doing well academically in their high school years in a very aggressive nature," says Davies.

"Crazy, I mean, why can’t I get it? It would be awesome to have all that paid for," says Moore.

Unfortunately, for current students like Moore, the scholarship doesn’t apply.

Davies says the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education will vote on the new plan in June. He says the council has already endorsed it, so he’s confident it will pass.

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