Tornado survivor had minutes to find cover before it hit

We’re still hearing stories from tornado survivors over the past few days. Many say the tornado came so fast after they got a warning, they barely had time to look for cover.

A call from her sister warning her of a tornado sent Judy Butler onto her porch.

"I came out here and looked in that direction and I could see debris, and I saw more debris and then (heard) a noise," Butler said.

Without thinking, Butler made her way a few feet into her home and stepped into the doorway of the closet where she keeps her washer and dryer. This was something she had never planned for.

"It was just here. I’m very lucky, I guess, that I didn’t try for something else. I don’t know. It was that quick, that quick. I decided there was a tornado actually coming my way," Butler said.

Glass and trees limbs covered the floor around Butler, but she was not injured. She also had three dogs at home with her and they were all okay.

Butler says insurance will cover the damaged to her home.

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