60,000 chickens shipped one day before tornado destroys farm

After the tornado ripped through Mayfield Tuesday, you’ve seen homes and businesses ruined. But, things could have been worse for a local farmer. We’re talking about the possibility of thousands of dead chickens.

Chester Summerville cannot believe just how badly the tornado treated his 26 year old chicken farm. “We’re too old, too old to start again.

The chickens helped pay the bills and the tornado is forcing Summerville to retire. He calls it “a little discouraging,” then added “but it happened.”

“I don’t think we could get enough money to rebuild, not from the insurance or anybody else,” he told me.

60,000 chickens were just shipped to Pilgrim’s Pride one day before the tornado.

Summerville is still in shock. “We’ve had 10 inch snows on them roofs and they didn’t cave. You know you just don’t think of it.”

He believed the chicken farm would outlast him, but with 145 mile an hour winds, the farm couldn’t outlast Tuesday’s tornado.

He did tell me that the farm looks a lot better than what it did right after the storm. He says volunteers teamed up to get it cleaned up to where it is now. 

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