Ask A Candidate: Miles Caughey Jr. running for Congress

When you think of a politician, you think well dressed, schmoozing, and talking points. What you don’t typically think of is a long beard and overalls. Miles Caughey knows he isn’t the typical candidate.

“Everything that we’re told is lies, and nobody will call them on it. But this old man will call them on it,” Caughey told me. He’s an army veteran of 42 years and a farmer. “My life experiences have all combined and shown me that this is all BS,” he said.

His message to voters is: Don’t let the clothes fool you. This farmer has a master’s degree and serious plans for this district, plans like “Stop all immigration until Americans are back to work, build a wall, keep out all illegals, and keep out drugs.”

Caughey set a $14,500 budget for his campaign because he says voters don’t want money in politics. It didn’t buy him a fancy website, but it’s getting some traction. He doesn’t like unnecessary spending, in his personal life or in Washington. He says that will be his approach, if elected.

He likes his opponents, but says: “None of them have the intestinal fortitude, I don’t believe, to stand up for what has to be done.”

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