Illinois changing how driver’s licenses and ID’s are issued

How you get driver’s licenses in Illinois will be changing to help move the state closer to fulfilling a federal mandate.

Illinois Secretary Jesse White announced on Tuesday that by the end of July, driver services facilities in Illinois will no longer be giving out new permanent driver’s licenses or identification cards.

Instead, applicants applying for a new license will leave the facility with a temporary paper driver’s license which is valid for 45 days. That paper license can be used for driving and identification. It will contain a photo and all the basic information that appears on a driver’s license. Those with licenses will get their old licenses back with a hole punched in it.

Meanwhile, the applicant’s information will be sent to a centralized, secure facility in Illinois. After fraud checks have been done, a new driver’s license will be sent via the mail to the applicant’s address.

White says the changes are necessary for the state to be REAL ID compliant. “Becoming REAL ID compliant is a step-by-step process, and with these changes Illinois is now 84 percent compliant with the federal mandate,” said White.

The Department of Homeland Security says those flying can use their temporary paper driver’s license with their old driver’s license to board planes until the new permanent card arrives in the mail.

Fees for licenses will remain the same.

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