Alternative therapies to healthier living – Aura Cleansing

Some people believe everyone has an aura.  They are the invisible energy fields surrounding all living things.  Some say your aura says a lot about your personality, emotions and even mental health.

Local 6’s Mychaela Bruner spoke to a local licensed spiritual healer and explains why you may want an aura reading.

"Put your arms out, put your tongue to the roof of your mouth, I’m going to go around your aura with 432 hertz," said Susan Edwards.

Edwards is a spiritual healer.

"We are going to close up any holes or tears in your aura and bring your frequencies right back up to unconditional love," said Edwards.

Edwards says she can feel auras.

"We all have an aura, it’s made up a variety of different things including sound, frequencies, heat, so there is an area around us. If someone gets up close to you and you’re like back up, well they’re in your aura," said Edwards.

Edwards believes aura cleansing is important for a healthy mind, body and spirit.

This is Kelly Colwell’s first appointment with Edwards.

"It definitely lightened my aura and I could feel more positive almost immediately. I felt like the worries I had come in with had lifted away, it was a very positive experience for me," said Colwell.

Clearing away all negatives energies.

"I don’t heal people, no body can heal someone else, only you and your body can heal you. We don’t heal you, we just get the junk out of the way so your body can do what is natural and that’s to heal," said Edwards.

Edwards said aura cleansing is not the only alternative to healthier living.  She says there are plenty of ways you can feel better about yourself.

"Sing, dance, listen to great music, eat good food, take a bath, hug a tree, go have lunch with a friend. Anything that makes you feel good, brings your vibes up," said Edwards.

You can find Edwards at the Rock Shop on Broadway in downtown Paducah. To see our full series on alternative therapies, click here.

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