Drivers excited about increased speed limit

You may have noticed things are moving faster on a couple of Kentucky highways in the Local 6 area.

Road crews are putting up new speed limit signs on U.S. 45 between mile marker 21 in Graves County and mile marker 32 in McCracken County, as well as on U.S. 641 between Kentucky 1824 in Calloway County and Kentucky 58 near the Purchase Parkway in Marshall County. The speed limit dips back down to 55 mph near intersections with traffic signals.

The new 65 mph signs are bringing a lot of excitement and, for many of you, this will make the commute a bit quicker.

Nearly every week, Connie Emerson gets on U.S. 45 to run errands in Paducah. Worried about getting a ticket, she always follows the posted speed limit, which use to be 55 miles an hour.

On Wednesday, the speed limit jumped to 65 mph.

"I’m glad, because now I can go faster and get to town sooner," says Emerson.

That means less time in the car and more time enjoying life.

"You don’t want to spend your life on the road driving," says Emerson.

For semi driver Ted Thompson, time is money.

"I can get to my destination a little bit sooner," says Thompson. "I’m allowed to drive 11 hours a day. So, that difference in 10 mph means another hour up the road for us."

Even though Emerson is excited about the change, she’s worried it could cause more harm than good.

"I think there’s going to be more accidents on the road, and it’s going to be more unsafe," says Emerson.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says engineers reviewed all factors and determined that raising the speed limit on the two highways is safe and reasonable. A spokesperson for KYTC says money from the maintenance budget was used for the new signs.

Kentucky State Police Trooper Michael Robichaud says they’ll continue to enforce the speed limit, and they’re not worried about a drop in the number of tickets they give out.

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