Different denominations and local leaders unite to count blessings after a tornado

The condition of Wayne Drive looks much better close to two weeks after a tornado hit Graves County, but there are still months of cleaning ahead. Sunday, Trace Creek Baptist Church held a community worship service involving several pastors and local leaders.

“This is a community affair and the fact that it impacted and affected us all. So we tried to gather pastors from different denominations to come,” Stinson said.

Pastor Ronnie Stinson Junior approached Graves County Sheriff Dewayne Redmon two days after the tornado hit wanting to help. Redmon says at the time, they had plenty of volunteers and supplies and thought a special service for the community to give thanks that they survived without any deaths or serious physical injuries would be best.

“I said, ‘I just think it would be good for the whole community, to the volunteers, first responders, just everybody in the county if we could all just come together and give thanks that we were spared from what could have been a total disaster,” Redmon said.

Member Brooke Riley sees this event as a great opportunity to help people heal.

“Coming together as one to just thank God for having his hand on us during this tornado, and that no more damage was done than was, and no more people were hurt than was,” Riley said.

“A lot of times in situations city and county officials sometimes are at odds over different things but during this, this is one thing that brought the city and county officials together. We’ve worked hand-in-hand through the tornado even though the city wasn’t directly affected,” Redmon said.

Teamwork Riley is happy can translate into a church setting. During the service, Redmon spoke as well as the county’s judge-executive, Mayfield’s mayor, and the Graves County High School principal.

“I think in general it’s surprising because you don’t typically see that in a community, but in Mayfield it’s not very surprising our city comes together for things all the time and I think it’s great they’ve done it here,” Riley said.

KY State House Representative Richard Heath also approached Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin about sending a video specifically for this service offering his support.

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