Progress made in Graves County tornado cleanup

Two weeks after a tornado hit Graves County, we’re learning how many families it affected. The Graves County emergency management director says 50 homes are damaged, and more than half of those are severely damaged.

"Gone in a split second," Shirley Yarbrough said.

After 36 years at her Graves County Home, much of what Yarbrough worked hard for on her property is gone.

"It’s broke my heart. I’m heartbroken," Yarbrough said.

She’s finally getting over the shock of the tornado after two weeks, but she says getting it cleaned up feels like a never-ending process.

"I’m exhausted trying to deal with this working, just everything, is just hectic," she said.

Graves County Emergency Management Director Davant Ramage says the county wants to know about damage you have on your property. Ramage asks anyone impacted by the tornado can fill out an application.

"It’s imperative they get them filled out. Without these applications, we’re not going to know who these people are and what their needs are," Ramage said.

Ramage is chairing a committee helping people like Yarbrough get back to life before the tornado. The committee works to split up more than $100,000 in monetary donations for tornado victims.

"Cleanup is going much better than initially expected. Of course, (there’s) a whole lot to be done," Ramage said.

The past few weeks have been rough for Yarbrough, but she says she’s thankful for everyone who has helped her.

"We’ve lost a lot, but I have a lot to be the thankful for," she said.

The committee used some of the donations to buy mobile homes for two families in Yarbrough’s neighborhood, because they were not covered by insurance.

Anyone with damaged property can pick up applications at the judge executive’s office in the Graves County Courthouse.

The committee meets again Thursday to figure out who still needs assistance.

If you want to make donations, you can take them to His House Ministries in Mayfield. Ramage says you can also go to First Kentucky Bank.

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