Surprise for Sheri – The Big Reveal

This is a story we have been following all month, a surprise for Sheri. We first introduced you to Sheri Jewell back in February.

She has Neurofibromatosis, or NF, and wanted to raise awareness about her disease.  When she was young, doctors prescribed her medicines that caused her teeth to become brittle and break off.  Dr. William Walden volunteered to give Sheri a smile after he saw our story.

Here is a look at her last appointment with Paducah Dental Care.

Sheri said she is forever grateful for the crew that gave her, her life back.

"I think what I’m looking forward to most is I’ll be able to take pictures with my family where I’m actually smiling.  There’s someone out there that’s willing to help for no reason other than just to do it, it gives you a new sense of hope for the world," said Sheri.

If you want to watch Sheri’s story from the beginning — we have all five parts of her journey towards a new smile.

Part 1 – Living with Neurofibromatosis – hoping for a smile
Part 2 – Surprise for Sheri
Part 3 – Surprise for Sheri – First appointment at Paducah Dental Care
Part 4 – Surprise for Sheri – Second appointment at Paducah Dental Care

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