Graves County sheriff calls shooting ‘freak accident’

A 17-year-old girl who was accidentally shot by her stepfather, a Graves County Sheriff’s deputy, is out of the hospital. It happened on Wednesday at a home near Mayfield, Kentucky.

Graves County Sheriff Dewayne Redmon says Sgt. David Warner was put on administrative leave after the accidental shooting.

Redmon says Warner has been with the department for 17 years and is an experienced gun user. He says this just proves that accidents can happen to anyone, even law enforcement.

"Police officers are human beings just like anyone else," says Redmon. "We make mistakes. We’re not perfect."

Redmon says Warner was working an overtime shift Wednesday, monitoring traffic around a construction zone.

After work, Redmon says Warner went home, where he started to unload one of his guns.

"You know, he was taking a safety precaution at home by unloading his weapon after he got off duty," says Redmon. "He was unloading his gun so it wasn’t laying around loaded, and it just so happened that it accidentally misfired when he was doing it."

Redmon says his deputies are required to pass a rigorous shooting test at least twice a year at a local tactical course.

"They shoot at different distances, different positions, and that’s the way that they do their qualifications," says Redmon.

Warner recently passed his for the 34th time.

"This is just a freak accident," says Redmon. "It’s very unfortunate that it happened, but he doesn’t need to be crucified because he was a police officer more so than anyone else."

There’s no word yet on when Warner will be back at work, but when he is Redmon says he will be required to go through the firearm qualification course again, along with a psychological exam to make sure he’s ready.

The shooting is currently under investigation by the Kentucky State Police. As of now, they are still calling it an accident.

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