Lost racing pigeon nursed back to health inside library

The staff inside a college library helped a lost bird return home.

Normally home to just books, Southeastern Illinois College’s library was temporarily home to a lost racing pigeon.

SIC paraprofesional Rhonda Smith and her coworkers were outside when one spotted the bird trying to get inside the building. She says it was exhausted and collapsed into her arms.

Since then, the school has helped to take the bird in and get her back to health. They noticed identification tags on the bird’s leg and researched them. Smith says they found out its owner lives in Delaware.

Smith says the owners released the racing pigeon in Columbus, Ohio, for it to fly home to Delaware, but it was likely caught in a storm and flew in the opposite direction.

Smith says they’ve taken quite a shine to the pigeon and even named her. 

"We brought her in, and Suzie immediately said it’s Prince!" Smith said, in reference to the song "When Doves Cry," by the late pop icon. 

"And after talking to the owner, we found out it’s Princess with two babies at home," said Smith.

Princess’ family had her overnighted back home. Her owners said they were glad someone found her. She arrived home on Friday. 

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