Monday marks first Memorial Day with alcohol sales in Marshall County

This Memorial Day weekend is the first where you can buy alcohol in Marshall County, Kentucky.

It has folks like Candie Freeman excited to celebrate on Kentucky Lake.

"Water, sun, beer," says Freeman. "You feel free out here. We love it."

Freeman and some friends traveled from Wickliffe to relax on the lake this weekend. They picked a resort in Gilbertsville because of its location and the alcohol sales.

"It’s just the idea of being able to get it here instead of having to pack it," says Freeman.

Back on shore at Moors Resort and Marina, Mark Wood is getting the restaurant’s bar ready for this weekend’s big rush.

"(We’re) stocked, over stocked, triple stocked because we really don’t know what to expect," says Wood.

He says the resort is booked solid this weekend and has been for a few months.

"I think we’re prepared," says Wood. "We’re mentally prepared and we’re physically prepared for what’s going to happen."

Back on the boat, Freeman and her friends say they’re not worried about running out of beer.

"It is awesome to be able to support your community and the sales, because if we didn’t, they wouldn’t be here," says Freeman.

There is a 6 percent regulatory fee on all alcohol sales. On June 7, the county will host a budget workshop to discuss where that money will go.

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