Judge: Bevin’s order abolishing commission is like ‘a neutron bomb’

A Kentucky judge has compared one of Gov. Matt Bevin’s executive orders to a neutron bomb in a case that challenges the governor’s ongoing purge of state boards and commissions.
Franklin County Circuit Judge Phillip Shepherd said Bevin’s order abolishing the Workers’ Compensation Nominating Commission and remaking it with new members "is kind of like a neutron bomb. It destroyed all the people but left the structure in place." Shepherd has not yet ruled on the case but said Bevin’s actions trouble him.
Bevin has used the tactic with several commissions, but this is the first order to be challenged in court. Bevin’s attorney, Stephen Pitt, said the legislature allows the governor to do this, adding it can choose not to ratify Bevin’s order when it reconvenes next year.

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