Sheriff hopes drivers avoid rear-end collisions during 400 Mile Yard Sale

Kentucky’s 400 Mile Yard Sale starts Thursday, but people were out on Wednesday setting up for the big event.

Albert Hargis has already sold $100 worth of stuff, and he hasn’t even unpacked it all yet.

"It started out as kind of a hobby," says Hargis.

Now, the 400 Mile Yard Sale is an annual tradition for Hargis, and he always nabs the perfect spot along Highway 68.

"The bad part is, we have a lot of wrecks along here," says Hargis.

Marshall County Sheriff Kevin Byars says during the past two years of the sale, his deputies handled six wrecks, including one fatal wreck. This year, he expects to see a few rear-end collisions along the sales route.

"We’ve seen that quite a bit over the last three or four years," says Byars.

Byars says it’s not only important to pay attention to how you’re driving, but also how other people are driving out on the road.

"These yard salers, if they see something that catches their eyes, they are liable to just stop in the middle of the road," says Byars.

Byars says if you see something you like, don’t just stop in the middle of the road. He says drive down a bit and turn around, which will make the highway safer for all drivers.

"You can hear tires squealing up and down the road," says Hargis. "People are stopping, trying to avoid who else stopped."

The sale runs along Highway 68 from Maysville, Kentucky, through Sharpe and into the Reidland area of McCracken County.

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