Other Amazon companies may offer better deals

If you shop on Amazon you may be missing out on better deals by not shopping at other Amazon companies.

We ran down some of around 35 companies acquired and owned by the online retailer and found some of these websites offer better prices.

One site, 6pm.com, sells men’s and women’s fashions by name brands. Beautybar.com specializes in beauty products and accessories. Eastdane.com is a high fashion specialty store for men. YoYo.com is an online toy store that offers many products for less than you find on Amazon. We shopped for and found a Star Wars action figure that is $7 cheaper than on Amazon.

Shopbop.com is a high fashion designer webstore for women. Amazon also owns Soap.com, Diapers.com, Fabric.com, Wag.com for pet products, and Woot.com that offers a deep discount on a few products each day.

Casa.com is an online furniture store.

Createspace is for content creators. That site helps writers finish a book by pairing them with publishing experts. Users can also publish video and music content for distribution on Amazon.

ACX can help authors turn their books into audiobooks. Abebooks.com sells rare and autographed books.

DPreview is for digital photographers.

Tenmarks.com is for math teachers.

Comixology.com sells digital comic books.

You can also find home repair professionals to paint a house, clean gutters, do electrical work and even put up a basketball goal. Those professionals are local service providers who offer free estimates.

Amazon has also purchased other popular online website companies such as IMDB.com, Twitch.com, Zappos.com and Audible.com.

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