Troopers taking on summer camp

Do you remember summer camp? You made friends, tried new things, and even got a little dirty. Now, camps can be so expensive that some parents have a hard time sending their own kids. They are getting a little help from an unlikely source, Kentucky State Police.

Trooper Island at Dale Hollow Lake gives kids the chance to canoe, swim, and get in touch with nature and out of touch with technology. Senior Trooper Michael Robichaud says Trooper Island is a device free location.

"Nine weeks out of the summer it is an absolutely fantastic place. It’s where these kids get to go and just be kids," said Robichaud.

This summer alone nearly 600 kids will load onto a gray bus, hop a barge, and land in a spot structured to give them time build self esteem, learn a new skill, and get to know these officers as friends not foes.

"A lot of times our interaction with people are on the negative end of the scope. This is one of the ends we get to do a positive thing for the community and for the kids," said Robichaud.

The entire camp operates on donations. If you want to make a donation, click here.

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