Deputies searching for 3 accused of check forgery

The McCracken County Sheriff’s Department is looking for multiple people wanted on forgery charges. 

Deputies say Darrell Keeling of Brookport, Illinois, wrote two stolen checks at the Rural King on Cairo Road last week. They say Keeling left with a mower, trailer and other items worth more than $3,600.

Investigators are also looking for two people they say used forged checks last week to buy items worth more than $100 dollars two businesses. One of those two is a man detectives believe used a forged check at the Food Giant on Benton Road the day after. They say he was wearing a Red Dog Dart Team jersey with what appears to be the name Brian sewn on the front. 

If you have any information or have seen these people, you can call the sheriff’s department at 270-444-4719, or contact Crimestoppers at 443-TELL.

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