Center will bring new services, ministries to area

A site that’s been empty for years will be built up again. Five years ago the Second Baptist Church in Clinton, Kentucky burned to the ground. Now, volunteers from Alabama, Mississippi and local volunteers with the West Kentucky Baptist Association are helping to build something else on that site. Leaders hope it will help renew the area by bringing in new resources.

Hammers, nail guns, saws; it’s a lot of noise across the street from his house, but neighbor Jimmy Burnham says the noise means something good is coming.

He says, “I’m happy to see it is a far greater improvement than what we had.”

Burnham says living here for years; he’s seen his neighbors and his hometown struggle, and with a new ministries center down the road he says a new church could bring the help people need.

Burnham says, “if something don’t get worse it’s gonna get better because nothing comes into these small towns.”

Brother Charles Blair says that’s the ministries center’s goal. He says, “There are tremendous needs there are people who are hurting there are people who are hungry.”

More than half of this building will house community services including a clothing exchange, food pantry, and even a shelter for when severe weather hits.

Brother Blair says the Baptist Association wanted to give people a place to go for ministry, and for worship.

The center is mainly a volunteer effort. Coordinators estimate the project will come in under $100,000, and be completed in September.

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