People at the Pickin’ Party are beating the heat this weekend

On one of the hottest days of the year so far, some employees still have to work outside.

Land Between the Lakes Environmental Education Specialist Darrin Samborski says they take into account weather elements like heat whenever planning events.

"Heat is always one of them. It seems a little early this year," Samborski said. 

During this weekend’s Pickin’ Party at the Homeplace 1850’s Farm people drank water and used fans to cool off while they listened to live music.

Samborski says they encourage people to come prepared, bringing items like sunscreen while taking frequent breaks inside to prevent heat exhaustion.

“Our staff is all trained to kind of keep an eye on that. If someone is looking like they may need a little drink of water, time to cool down, we kind of talk with them, and encourage them and try to prevent something worse from happening,” Samborski said.

Sunday, they had a cooling station inside for anyone wanting to take a break from the heat.

“We try to make it where there is plenty of shade available for folks,” Samborski said.

Musicians part of Common Thread, Peggy Browning, Gracie Wallace, Maura Lally, said they froze Gatorade overnight to drink in between sets over the weekend.

When going to events like these it’s important to wear lightweight as well light-colored clothing and to avoid being in direct sunlight

The Illinois Department of Public Health suggests drinking two to four cups of water every hour when working outside and avoiding alcohol or sugary drinks. Heat exhaustion symptoms include heavy sweating, weakness, weak pulse, and fainting. They recommend moving to a cooler location, lying down, and sipping water. If you vomit seek medical attention immediately.

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