One suspended Mayfield officer resigns, one still under investigation

We have an update on two Mayfield police officers who were suspended without pay on June 6. 

In a statement, Mayfield Mayor Teresa Rochetti-Cantrell says Lt. Chris Watkins resigned Friday, June 17, and he is no longer being investigated. 

The mayor says Maj. Shannon Keller did not resign, and is still being investigated. 

The mayor said she was planning to charge both officers Friday, and that she would have been able to give us more information after that. We don’t know when Keller will be charged, or what he will be charged with. 

"I am pleased with this result," the mayor said of the resignation. "And believe that it is the best outcome for the citizens of Mayfield and the officers of the Mayfield Police Department."

The two were accused of violating department regulations

We are still working to find out what the two officers did to be suspended from the police department, why Watkins chose to resign and why the mayor is pleased with that outcome. 

We will bring you more information as we learn new details. 

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