Rise in temperatures mean rise in HVAC business

A rise in temperature means a rise in business for local heat and air places. If you try calling to get your air conditioning fixed right now, you’ll probably be put on a waiting list.

Although this happens every summer, there are ways to prevent your units from breaking down.

To HVAC experts that I spoke with, it’s all about routine maintenance. While you’re outside this summer mowing your yard or watering the bushes, don’t forget to spray the coils in your central unit. Sometimes, the units just play out due to age, but routine maintenance can prevent components playing out in the hot temperatures.

Morgan Parsons has basically been living out of his work truck this week. “I think I’ve lost a couple of pounds this week,” he said. The spike in heat brought a spike in work orders for Reed Electric, Heat, and Air. The Community Christian Church lost a couple of units last week and, because of a long waiting list, it took a couple of days to fix.

Church deacon Darryl Demming understands the wait time. “I’ve been on the other end of it too, of customer service too, where we can’t work 24 hours a day even though we try.”

Triangle heating and air is also raking in the overtime this week. Heat and Air Service Manager Tony Shoulta says: “When that temperature got high everything started going nuts and everybody wanting you then.”  

“Our guys are working 50, 60 hours a week," he added. 

Parsons knew his job was in high demand, but Parsons says it’s more than a daily ground. “I know it probably takes a while when it’s really hot for it to cool down in there, but the thought of not getting a call when we leave? I know those people are happy.”

Depending on which filter you prefer in your home, the blue fiberglass ones should be changed each month, and the paper ones need to be changed every three.

Shoulta told me if your unit freezes, turn it off so it’s melted when repairmen arrive. Technicians cannot do anything if it’s frozen. 

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