Presidential race helps get people to PaBREWcah

If the first ever beer festival in downtown Paducah didn’t grab your attention, maybe the commercial of Andy Wiggins and Daniel Sene imitating Donald Trump and Senator Bernie Sanders did.

Saturday, hundreds of people sampled beer from different breweries in our region from noon to five. Organizers believe the commercial helped bring attention to the festival.

Andy Wiggins is known for being the head brewer at Dry Ground Brewing Company, but he’s also known for what he calls his bad Bernie Sanders impression.

The goal of the beer festival was to get people downtown, promote good beer, and raise money for the Paducah Symphony Orchestra. Daniel Sene, the executive director of the orchestra who played Trump in the PaBREWcah commercial, says the timing was perfect. “We’ve been able to capitalize on the entertainment that the election year has brought us and use it to our advantage,” Sene told me.

Sene told me he’s happy with the turnout and the beer. “It’s fantastic,” he said in his best Trump voice.

Of the 19 brewers at the festival, two were from Paducah. The other 17 were from areas including: Lexington, KY, Louisville, Kentucky, Paris, Tennessee, one even came from Ohio to pour their product.

It’s a win-win to Wiggins. It helps by “showing them that we believe in relationships. We believe in quality products. It really helps us to bring people into our business,” he added. 

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