Grants support trauma-based therapy for kids

Abused kids are now getting the trauma-based counseling they need.

According to the Children’s Medical and Mental Health Resource Network, southern Illinois used to be a desert for providing abused or traumatized kids with the therapy they need. But, thanks to grant support from the Poshard Foundation and the Southern Illinois University School Of Medicine Rural Health Initiative, nearly 200 kids are now able to access the specialized therapy.

Jennie Bates says it’s made a huge impact already on her daughter.

"She has really come out of her shell in the last six months working with this program and with what we’re working on now, which is letting her be a happy kid again," said Bates, who turned to the CMMHRN for therapy for her daughter after a traumatic event.

The CMMHRN serves 23 counties in Illinois with 19 care teams and more than 60 trained clinicians. Organizers say they hope to see the program grow so they can help more kids.

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