Graves County businesses see progress after last month’s tornado

Cell phone video taken moments after last month’s tornado shows the destruction at Wilby Hawkins’ auto parts shop.  He was greeted by twisted metal and a warehouse that became unhinged.  

"We had five (hundred) to 600 cars moved," Hawkins told Local 6.  He said he’s sure there is damage he has not seen.

"We had gas tanks that were laying in the back of cars that’s aren’t there and radiators that were laying in the back of cars that aren’t there," he said. 

Work to rebuild the warehouse and office is expected to start in two weeks. When looking at the damage, he’s grateful the tornado wasn’t stronger. "It was a good thing we didn’t have customers," Hawkins said. 

Thirteen businesses received minor to severe damage. The president of Graves County Economic Development said the tornado did not stop it from continuing to serve its community.

"We are really focused in on working together, making progress, getting businesses back open and people back in homes," Drane told Local 6.

Drane said May and the first part of June were not too kind to the county. Remington’s closure announcement, the tornado and the Cracker Barrel fire all happened within a month. "We’re not going to let these singular events define who we are," he said. 

It’s why Hawkins is focused on the future, which he believes will take time. "As much inventory as we have, it’ll take years and years down the road to realize what we actually lost," he said. 

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